The Louisiana Direct Seafood Story

Louisiana Direct Seafood is a marketing initiative administered by LSU Ag Center and Louisiana Sea Grant, with funding by the Gulf States Marine Fisheries Council.

Our mission is to help coastal fishermen connect directly with consumers and build community support for a fresh, local, product ‘straight from the boat’.   This initiative is also focused on quality business practices, working with fishermen to deliver a superior, sustainable product that meets rigorous standards and preserves our fisheries for generations to come. 

Louisiana Direct Seafood evolved from the Delcambre Direct Seafood model—a collaborative effort of the Port of Delcambre, LSU Ag Center and Louisiana Sea Grant. went live in May 2010, using a unique ‘Fresh Catch’ home page blog that allows fishermen to post their latest catch as well as contact information.  The web site has revitalized the shrimping industry in Delcambre; shrimpers have grown their direct-to-consumer business selling premium shrimp for a competitive price.

The success of the Delcambre Direct initiative convinced stakeholders that this project could benefit fishermen—and consumers—along the entire coast of Louisiana.  In 2012,, as well as satellite programs in Lafourche-Terrebonne (La Ter), Cameron, and SouthShore–New Orleans, was born. 

As a statewide entity, Louisiana Direct Seafood is able to build partnerships with business and industry to create new opportunities for commercial fishermen to succeed.

For example, the Iberia Industrial Development Foundation (IDF) partnered with Delcambre Direct to secure grant funding from the Rockefeller Foundation and Community Foundation of Acadiana to create the Louisiana Seafood Academy.   The Academy provided workshops and training on multiple business issues like quality, energy-efficiency, rules and regulations, and more.

The Seafood Academy efforts led to the creation of Vermilion Bay Sweet, a demonstration project for small boutique processors branding premium, hand-peeled, fresh-from-the-boat frozen shrimp.  Again using Delcambre Direct as the pilot, the success of Vermilion Bay Sweet has shown shrimpers the demand for a quality frozen product that can meet consumer demand year-round.

Louisiana Direct Seafood continues to grow and evolve, with new partnerships and new success stories with commercial fishermen, processors and seafood distributors. Our vision remains the same--to build a deeper connection between the sea and our table resulting in an economically sustainable Louisiana seafood industry.  

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