Value-Added Seafood Products Create New Opportunities


Louisiana Sea Grant and its partners help Louisiana fishermen meet the rising consumer demand for ready-to-cook, local seafood.

Shoppers’ increasing demands for wild domestic seafood—from ready-to-cook frozen products to smaller package sizes—are trends fueling U.S. seafood department sales. To take advantage of this trend, Louisiana fishermen are developing value-added seafood products providing seasonal diversification and increased revenues for processors, retailers and communities overall.

The frozen seafood products listed in the directory below show label information as well as provide contact details on the fishermen who caught and processed the seafood.  Many of the products also carry the Certified Authentic Louisiana Wild Seafood label, guaranteeing the seafood was caught in the Gulf of Mexico or Louisiana coastal waters by licensed Louisiana fishermen, landed at a Louisiana dock, and processed and packaged by a Louisiana-based company.

Not sure about frozen seafood? Be assured that, properly done, the quality of most frozen seafood matches that of fresh fish harvested right out of the Gulf.



















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