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A Morning Reminder To Eat Local

A Morning Reminder to Eat Local

An absence of labels🔖, mislabeling and misrepresentation of seafood origin is a widespread problem in the U.S.

So, make sure to read the labels.🔖 

The best idea💡 is for you to buy your shrimp🦐 from David Chauvin’s Seafood dock to get Fresh Louisiana Shrimp.

We have two locations in Dulac and Cocodrie.

We only carry High-Quality Local Shrimp. From fresh off the boat, to our frozen peeled shrimp, peeled and deveined shrimp,

softshell shrimp, etc. ready for your freezer or pot.🍲

Did you know that we can ship flounder straight to your door?? Click the link below for details..



📞Call for sizes and prices.


☎Phone: 985-257-1200

🏢Address: 8238 Grand Caillou Rd. Dulac, La 70353 


☎Phone: 985-257-8108

🏢Address: 7861 Highway 56 Cocodrie, La 70344



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