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Are You 4th Of July Ready??

Are you 4th of July Ready??


Did you get your Louisiana Shrimp🦐 yet??😲
If not, David Chauvin’s Seafood and David Chauvin’s Seafood of Cocodrie is OPEN today!😊
We have a Fantastic selection of Beautiful Local Shrimp🦐 available!
From Jumbo Shrimp🦐 for the Grill🍢, to Bait Shrimp🦐 for that planned fishing trip🎣!
We also have them Frozen, Hand-Peeled shrimp, Hand-P
eeled and deveined shrimp, so you don’t have to waste time peeling.😎                                                                            We also carry Dried Shrimp!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        They are vacuumed sealed at their freshest, when defrosted it’s like they just came from the waters!🌊
So stop by today🚙 for your share of these Local Treasures!

📞Call us for prices and sizes.


Phone: 985-257-1200

🏢Address: 8238 Grand Caillou Rd. Dulac, La 70353


☎Phone: 985-257-8108

🏢Address: 7861 Highway 56 Cocodrie, La 70344

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