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Do you want Louisiana Shrimp?

Looking for shrimp? We have some gorgeous Louisiana shrimp ready to go. Jumbos and bait shrimp available. Plus we have Soft shell shrimp, hand-peeled & de-veined 1 pound vacuum packs of shrimp. Call 985-257-1200 for prices.

For those needing to buy in bulk: We have Chicky Lou brand of CO2 frozen 20 lb boxes of head on, Mariah Jade Shrimp plate frozen shrimp in 20 lb boxes of head on, we have Mariah Jade Shrimp 4 pound boxes of frozen head on shrimp too. We carry PUDs, P&D and headless in 5 lb boxes.
There are times that we get sacks of brine shrimp too. Give us a call at 985-257-1200.

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