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Exquisite Louisiana Shrimp

Exquisite Louisiana Shrimp

Yes that’s right, David Chauvin’s Seafood can ship these Exquisite Louisiana Shrimp anywhere in the U.S.

Our Frozen Louisiana Shrimp🦐 can be shipped 🚚straight to your door!
No waiting, no long lines at the store, just order and sit back and let the Louisiana Shrimp🦐 come to you!😎
Our Shrimp 🦐are frozen at -90 to -100 degrees to retain moisture.
Also our Mariah Jade Shrimp brand Plate frozen shrimp are preserved whole in a contact plate freezer at -40 degrees.
When defrosted, they have the flavor and texture of freshly caught shrimp🦐.
The process in which we complete these will leave them tasting like they just came out of the water🌊. Once unloaded off of the vessels, they are stored at 10°F and ready for delivery.
Here is the link⬇ to start the process of getting your Fresh Louisiana Shrimp🦐🦐!


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