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We finally made it to #FishFriday!!!😍😍
Here is a Shrimp🦐 & Crabmeat🦀 Stuffed Flounder recipe.😋
🔔**Always remember to use Domestic Shrimp**🔔
If your in need of fresh🦐 or freshly frozen🦐 shrimp, we have them available at our Dulac🏦 location.
📞 Call us for prices and sizes.
🏦 8238 Grand Caillou Rd. Dulac, La 70353
**Need Shrimp shipped to you?**
🚚Shipping Link:…/whole-plate-froze…/
📝Recipe Link:[0]=68.ARAzFlmp4P4CH_DM12MvZjyZij4L52IR6rBUjYKqARHliPAo_4-0jlKQqJOeF9gm_wNj7OPSTZJwc7w3PjC2z-KyRIHCQvq2qXJWMfWyEgroV4ljCam01IEIPtAX8tIQ-lI6bZZvPnHbW7lvDuAELhO9LBCBJNqF_gb5ELWweAtExmNmqCB5LCT6AQ_KWn1IdvfizsOhna-Crl4nvVoPVDS7QWdnUvAxNaHy214qgQwJUP5s1jKO8s_0SEGuVz8eDqwC3r6QtoCDaufaWVEHNoW2zrhycqq-dDgEdckUwRYjRvVOpXDDKzLR1FadtpfkQA

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