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Recipe For National Seafood Month!

Recipe for National Seafood Month!



Here is one of our Favorite Quick meals from David Chauvin’s Seafood.
Click the link below for this awesome recipe![0]=68.ARBt2U1pKgR1svC-XLlutjbmpjwZPzcbBeUqtqt0TAcHd5VH4zwT00DgV1j2wUXf1WKOBi9ajWpoBnXqKEZEi70rua3tx1Mb_BnTbNVaccT53pqM6L6fGGAlrJhICMpbWU9D3c3rEUqQyH-lnfVKUF7TdBGV0FmXhPj5yDP6wKRYmosFPxp9qr5VXggqX-G2Ct8oIqgtjHYp2Cjp68Dvg-xEHLuOzWl7Q63QmPnNVcatmTdHnE_pv-PDoHzSzPB_co7JhS4tk5BQ73cFiMOQzWPZTdcwsxW0f0r041WJQ-61YUa0L20FBVHO8uuygpA_VA

🎆🎆And always remember to use Domestic Shrimp🎆🎆
Need some shrimp🦐? WE GOT IT!👍
From Fresh to Freshly Frozen, we have what you need to make this quick dish🍲 AMAZING!😍
📞Call us for prices and sizes.
🏦 8238 Grand Calliou Rd. Dulac, La 70353

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