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#Shrimp And Grits Sunday

#Shrimp and Grits Sunday


Help us celebrate🙌 National Seafood Month with this Amazing Shrimp🦐 and Grits recipe🍲 for Sunday!
The link is below⬇ for this wholesome dish!😋
Have the grits but no Louisiana Shrimp?🤔 We Do!😍
Come down to David Chauvin’s Seafood for the Freshest Louisiana Shrimp🦐 on the market.😎
📞Call us for prices and sizes.
🏦 8238 Grand Caillou Rd. Dulac, La 70353
Recipe Link:[0]=68.ARAJ-padpAw7yV3qNhFzm7Zml-p304QtpzG5aM8aohm4kKpfZVZjJBTrHcxteYKwi9CKvMdymRWLYKhYIBzo7TkmoqTL0ALXSMS3ND3I2KTQnp1aCsJKdgQkWpgFd5OJcIua_GMp5fXCjEQ4MN7CM4cp6dVFQccTM3ZnHGWzIlz_e5p_TZdy6sZNmWvuXY5bocZmZU44I_AKJDHMfucdkXFfXN4p2gBgLnDQwoeG_JT__TcgV_XYR7JMtUQ7bMQL8q1AFzRdnSW9au5EIVF5mT5M4PXDEwbMB4OGuU5qO8qzCZFsF7FJAM0XR7Fs4_VwbQ

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