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Hello #TangyThursday!!!😊
Here is a simple yet tasty recipe to celebrate National Seafood Month!😋
“Product of USA” is the label 🏷 to look for when buying your shrimp🦐 for this recipe.
If you in the area come and pick up your share, here in Dulac.
We have fresh🦐 and freshly frozen🦐 shrimp available.
📞Call us today for prices and sizes.
🏦 8238 Grand Caillou Rd, Dulac, La 70353
**We ship anywhere in the U.S.
🚚 Shipping Link:…/whole-plate-froze…/
📝Recipe Link:[0]=68.ARCUZxzQ91HgXCPDoJ7Qn6MayiZ__91341choPI0z8b2D-zrmlAQKswz7RclYJK-ir5hMXBPf-UR2k_2AjPpXiEOX96m48DO1Uz9–PZUE5Ioa5ldfI7UvlMtXv2ODHUjE0Us2CaBuE91tmkk1P5p7KVVMkRRTrx8vUAbJh1z0Rb8On9PFy4g0Ewet8sVOCYuxPJA7Wsrny93SlsbNaveFaXCysx8y9XeFI5J-1fJ9p-zbCC8mu25LDD0VYoAT7vjuYX6HKazrJqGGrGubEaAjEi5EgdAO53nf2wYBNaqNaMatZ36nsUFoxCuS208AOJgg

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