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Experience our warm culture, unique history, and wild-caught seafood straight off the boat.

The south shore of New Orleans refers to the areas south of Lake Pontchartrain, namely the parishes of Orleans, Jefferson, Plaquemines and St. Bernard.

In the heart of historic Louisiana, get hooked on our wild-caught seafood.

Whether you catch it yourself or buy it straight from the fisherman, it’s naturally healthy and deliciously different. Taste the difference when it’s direct from the sea.

At the mouth of the Mississippi River, influenced by waves of culturally diverse immigrants and massive trade, it is arguably the most historic area in Louisiana, if not the southern United States.

Most of the Southshore was settled by French colonists in the early 1700s; the most notable exception is St. Bernard parish, settled in 1778 by Canary Islanders known as Islenos. These early inhabitants were soon joined by Spaniards, Irish, Germans, Africans and Acadians (French-Canadians)—creating the legendary melting pot of cultures that defines the unique heritage and traditions of the New Orleans area.

The southernmost tip of Louisiana’s ‘boot’ is defined by water. The early movements of the Mississippi River created bountiful waterways—lakes, bays, sounds, inlets and barrier islands that are home to a thriving seafood industry. Known especially for oysters and finfish, the Southshore also produces an abundant amount of shrimp and crabs. Recreational fishermen flock to the Gulf here for outstanding offshore fishing out of Grand Isle, Venice, Delacroix, Empire, and more.

Outdoor enthusiasts also enjoy hiking, bird watching, boating and the many historic sites that surround the path of the Mississippi River. A trip to the Southshore seems a trip back in time, with museums, state and national parks, plantations and historic districts throughout . . . including the site of the Battle of New Orleans.

Generations of fishermen continue their family trade, supplying the world and world-renowned restaurants with delicious Louisiana seafood.   The mission of is to provide a single portal for visitors to find, and buy, fresh, wild-caught seafood directly off the boat. Created in partnership with LSU AgCenter and Louisiana Sea Grant, the web site posts the ‘fresh catch’ messages from fishermen throughout the region; the public is urged to contact fishermen directly for location information and to place an order.

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