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Spotlight Feature: Louisiana Blue Crab Company Of Kaplan

Spotlight Feature: Louisiana Blue Crab Company of Kaplan

The Delcambre Seafood and Farmers Market features the delicious offerings of Louisiana Blue Crab Company of Kaplan, Louisiana–with live crabs and fresh-picked crab meat frequently on sale.

Headed by Sheb Callahan, who started crabbing at 14, the company is expert in providing some of the world’s finest fresh crab. Their state-of-the-art facility in Kaplan is a model for the industry, processing up to 15,000 pounds of fresh crab a day with the safest methods possible.

Utilizing a specialized steam retort (essentially a gigantic pressure cooker), expert pickers, and a black light area to make sure the great majority of shell is removed, the company has the simple goal of bringing out the best in their crab meat.

Callahan credits his passion and professionalism to his beloved mentor, Jim Rich, who he calls “the J.R. Ewing of Louisiana’s wild catfish industry.” The volume of Louisiana seafood sales Rich spurred when he was a local processor, his industry innovations, and the example he set brought him great renown and are an inspiration to Callahan and many others to this day.

In addition to crabs, the company also processes crawfish. Their products can be purchased and shipped directly from

The photos are from a recent visit to the Louisiana Blue Crab Company plant. Captions: Main photo-Sheb Callahan with plant manager Alma Toasperm, and pickers in the background; Add’l photo gallery-Freshly processed crabmeat, ready for packaging; An assortment of freshly packaged products nearly ready for shipping.

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