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Spotlight Feature: Milton And Christine Naquin

Spotlight Feature: Milton and Christine Naquin

Christine Naquin.

Christine Naquin receives payment from a line of customers from a tent outside their Youngsville home. The Naquins also frequently cook seafood dishes for the Delcambre Seafood and Farmer’s Market.

South Louisiana natives Milton and Christine Naquin built their shrimp boat, the Jessica Gail, at their Youngsville home, and over 18 years they’ve built a thriving seafood business from home, as well. With Milton generally handling on-board duties and Christine taking care of the office side, both have put heart, soul, and long hours into making sure their business works well for their loyal customer base. In addition to fresh shrimp, they often offer seasonal value-added products during the Delcambre Seafood and Farmers Market, such as dried shrimp (great for gumbos, stews, or alone as a snack), shrimp etouffée, boiled shrimp and crawfish, and fried soft-shelled shrimp. Stop by the market to say hello to this friendly and industrious couple, and to sign up for their newsletter.

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