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Logo for LaTer Direct Seafood; Lafourche-Terrebonne.
Want Louisiana fresh seafood?

Check out the ‘Fresh Catch’ messages below, or click on Sellers above for a list of fishermen and retailers who sell wild-caught seafood direct.  
Consider us your seafood ‘matchmaker’—we provide the info, and you call the seller direct for pricing, packaging and pick-up.  We’re here to help you find the latest catch from local waters.

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LaTer Fishers

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We have fresh caught, flash frozen and vacuum packed top quality seafood from our boat: Commercial Fishing Family … Bayou Dularge Hand peeled deveined white shrimp ….. various sizes Peeled shrimp …not deveined Shrimp tails …. various sizes sheepshead fillets…

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Fresh Shrimp in Cocodrie

FRESH 16-20 count shrimp in Cocodrie! Call Angela for details 985-594-2067 or 985-637-0896

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Shrimp 16-20’s

I have fresh shrimp 16-20’s. Call to place an order. 985-855-2664

Generic photo of fresh shrimp in a white container.
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16-20 Count Shrimp, Fresh Off the Boat!

From @Marla Kay Cooper: 16 -20 count shrimp fresh off the boat. Venice Boat Harbor. Call Trae 504-810-0154 f/v Seaweed 2000

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Fresh 16/20 shrimp

I have fresh 16/20 count shrimp for sale call 985-855-9813.

Packages of shrimp from Captain Quincy's Seafood in two large cardboard boxes on gray floor.
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Peeled and ready to cook shrimp.

I have peeled and vacuumed packed shrimp. Call 985-855-9813. Peeled and Butterflied 30/50 ct., 50/60 ct., and 80/100 ct. Peeled 30/50 ct., 60/80 ct., and 70/100 ct.

Shrimp in a silver pot with shadow; Faith shrimp in Cocodrie.
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Fresh Shrimp in Cocodrie

BIG, BEAUTIFUL, INSIDE, FRESH SHRIMP  for sale in Cocodrie. Call Angela for details 985-594-2067 or 985-637-0896

Logo for David Chauvin's Seafood Company.
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Fresh shrimp coming in daily! Call for sizes and prices 985-257-1200 or stop by 8238 Grand Caillou Rd, Dulac.

Fresh shrimp in net, above bucket and iced water.
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Fresh shrimp coming in daily!

Ice chest specials today through Sunday, May 6.  Buy 40#’s or more and save!!! Call 985-475-6252 for prices and availability.

Package of frozen soft-shell crab patties.
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Soft Shell Crabs

Luke’s Seafood: Succulent Salge–enjoy packages of three frozen Louisiana Soft Shell Crabs, now available for a delicious Lenten feast! Order directly by calling 985-563-4300 or email Luke’s Seafood, 8239 Shrimpers Row, Dulac, LA  70353

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