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Logo for LaTer Direct Seafood; Lafourche-Terrebonne.
Want Louisiana fresh seafood?

Check out the ‘Fresh Catch’ messages below, or click on Sellers above for a list of fishermen and retailers who sell wild-caught seafood direct.  
Consider us your seafood ‘matchmaker’—we provide the info, and you call the seller direct for pricing, packaging and pick-up.  We’re here to help you find the latest catch from local waters.

If you’re looking to buy frozen product online, visit the website Louisiana Direct Seafood Shop.Louisiana Direct Seafood Shop logo

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LaTer Fishers

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DCSC Local Shrimp

With so many ways to fix these Beauties, it’s not hard to see why they are  America’s favorite Seafood!😁 Here at David Chauvin’s Seafood, we have Fresh Louisiana Shrimp🍤 available to the public 7 days a week!🗓 We offer Fresh…

Al's Shrimp Company sign.
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Fresh Shrimp at Al’s Shrimp Co.!

21/25 count fresh shrimp 🍤 this morning. We are located at 2978 Bayou DuLarge Rd, Theriot.  985-868-5254

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Chawww Look at Those Shrimp!!

Goodness Gracious, look what the boats brought in!😎 💕 BEAUTIFUL💕 Fresh Louisiana Shrimp! 🦐🦐 David Chauvin’s Seafood and David Chauvin’s Seafood of Cocodrie, offer these FRESH Shrimp🍤 daily! We also offer frozen 1lb peeled shrimp, peeled and deveined shrimp, and Squid🐙 📞Call or drive🚗…

Louisiana Shrimp
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Louisiana’s Freshest Shrimp

For all your Shrimp needs, 📞call or stop by🚗 David Chauvin’s Seafood. We offer not only great customer service😊 but also Great quality Louisiana Shrimp.🦐🦐  We sell an array of these appealing shrimp, from the Beautiful Fresh off the boat…

Hand holding lots of large, fresh, whole shrimp, cascading by the whiskers.
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More Shrimp in Golden Meadow!

Fresh shrimp 16/20–31/35–51/60. We have fresh shrimp coming in daily. Call 985-475-6252 –  21487 Hwy 1, Golden Meadow.

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Marvelous Louisiana Shrimp

Here at, David Chauvin’s Seafood, we have a Fantastic selection of Louisiana’s Best Shrimp.🍤🍤 These easy to peel delicacies, are a treat whether they are in the pot🍲 for a boil, or in your momma’s favorite casserole dish,💖David Chauvin’s Seafood…

Fresh shrimp in net, above bucket and iced water.
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Big Shrimp!

Lots of big fresh head on 16/20 count shrimp coming in. We have 61/70’s also. 985-475-6252 –  21487 Hwy 1, Golden Meadow.

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Exquisite Louisiana Shrimp

At David Chauvin’s Seafood, we love💕 our Local Shrimp!🦐🦐 Have you ever tried shrimp caught from Louisiana’s waters 🌊, maybe it’s time you tried some! 👍 Louisiana Shrimp🍤 have a unique story of their own, including the role they play…

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Huge Fresh Louisiana Shrimp!

JUMBO SHRIMP FOR SALE U-10s! Call for details: 985-637-0896 

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Beautiful Shrimp

At David Chauvin’s Seafood, we have some Gorgeous Louisiana Shrimp🦐🦐. For those wanting fresh off the boat🚤 to those wanting our carefully frozen Chicky Lou brand, we have you covered! You can’t go wrong with High Quality Louisiana Shrimp🍤🍤. ☎Call…

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Local is the Best!!

Looky,👀 Looky 👀what we, David Chauvin’s Seafood, have available Today!😁 Some Big, Beautiful Louisiana Shrimp!!🍤🍤 We have a mixture of these Outstanding Wild-Caught Louisiana Shrimp from Jumbos🍤🍤 for frying, to Bait for the fish🐟🎣 we carry it all!! Drive down🚗 to…

Shrimp boat on the water; bow faces to left of the square photo.
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Fresh shrimp in Bayou Dularge.

Beautiful fresh 19 count and 28 count shrimp available! Call Capt. Quincy @ 985-855-9813.

Luke's Seafood sign.
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Louisiana Blue Crabs & Soft Shell Crabs

Fresh live blue crabs daily, fresh soft shell crabs daily /gumbo crabs, and crab cakes coming soon! Call or text 985-665*4271 – 8239 Shrimpers Row, Dulac.

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Local Fresh Shrimp

Wow!!😃 Look at these Good – Looking, Fresh Louisiana Shrimp🦐🦐 that just came in! David Chauvin’s Seafood is proud to say that we stand behind our product. We offer an array of these Exquisite Shrimp🍤🍤 from Jumbos for the boiling pot…

DCSC DCSC Cocodrie
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Louisiana’s Best Shrimp

Louisiana’s Shrimp have a clean and sweet taste that will make you want to come back for more! David Chauvin’s Seafood offer an array of High Quality Louisiana Shrimp. We now have 2 locations in Dulac and in Cocodrie! Stop…

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