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Want Louisiana fresh seafood?

Check out the ‘Fresh Catch’ messages below, or click on Sellers above for a list of fishermen and retailers who sell wild-caught seafood direct.  
Consider us your seafood ‘matchmaker’—we provide the info, and you call the seller direct for pricing, packaging and pick-up.  We’re here to help you find the latest catch from local waters.

If you’re looking to buy frozen product online, visit the website Louisiana Direct Seafood Shop.Louisiana Direct Seafood Shop logo

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  We finally made it to #FishFriday!!!😍😍 Here is a Shrimp🦐 & Crabmeat🦀 Stuffed Flounder recipe.😋 🔔**Always remember to use Domestic Shrimp**🔔 If your in need of fresh🦐 or freshly frozen🦐 shrimp, we have them available at our Dulac🏦 location. 📞 Call us for prices and sizes.…

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  Hello #TangyThursday!!!😊 Here is a simple yet tasty recipe to celebrate National Seafood Month!😋 “Product of USA” is the label 🏷 to look for when buying your shrimp🦐 for this recipe. If you in the area come and pick up your share, here…

Wild-American shrimp Wednesday
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  It’s hard to call a dish🍲 an American dish without cooking it with American ingredients. 📝 David Chauvin’s Seafood guarantees that all of our shrimp🦐, whether they are fresh or freshly frozen, are Wild-Caught domestic shrimp.👍 DUE TO THE STORM WE…

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Welcome to #TequilaTuesday!😍 Where the recipe is easy and the food leaves an impression!😋 **Make sure you Always use Domestic🦐 shrimp** We have fresh and freshly frozen Louisiana shrimp available daily.📅 Come and get ya some!😎 📞Call us for prices and sizes.…

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  What kind of #MondayMood are you in?🤔 How about this Tasty Zydeco Shrimp Etouffee?😍 Make sure and always use Domestic shrimp!🦐🦐 Who has them you ask??🤔 David Chauvin’s Seafood have fresh🦐 and freshly frozen shrimp🦐 ready for pick up!🙌🙌 Come and get ya…

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#Shrimp and Grits Sunday

  Help us celebrate🙌 National Seafood Month with this Amazing Shrimp🦐 and Grits recipe🍲 for Sunday! The link is below⬇ for this wholesome dish!😋 Have the grits but no Louisiana Shrimp?🤔 We Do!😍 Come down to David Chauvin’s Seafood for…

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    🌞Good Saturday Morning!🌞 Needing an idea for supper this evening?🤔 How about a good ol’ Shrimp Stew?😍 We have a fantastic recipe to share! David Chauvin’s Seafood have the main ingredient, Fresh Louisiana Shrimp🦐, available today till 6:30…

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    TGIF!!😎 Here is a link for an amazing recipe for Buttermilk Fried🍤 Louisiana Shrimp!😋 🛑Stop by our Dulac location for Louisiana’s finest domestic🦐 shrimp. Available Fresh or Freshly Frozen already peeled and deveined ready for this dish!😍 Come…

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Wood Grilled Domestic Shrimp

  In honor of National Seafood Month… It’s #WoodGrilledShrimpWednesday!🔥🔥🔥 Recipe:[0]=68.ARBzROxR7i3DUlBCi5GakXH3aG285PPq8FY3W3AZDA1jvl31AYcwZjlZ1UlL1dYD7Hmw4IC-pxvSRafaA4jlTxRWt3SfyUs6WzYf2FO_mLtkuKIOR8sCw0Jo4s3o-ux8CF9_Vmgin7hiUveBb1l2QDnSeKsi-QhEn3GvYVhTL5NGNJ9cCQIv2NSgamsy0Yx7gOYM0jCLWOqrV-VG4z4podRIQBC257rgfISs-0YkbLbe1s68mYAJsnBrP1g06a-trlwYYPG-gwMEDFNTjPF7iOwCNlwgFRo8aZ46ufS3hkmenzpXEBshn6fVVLNc1CmhdA What better idea than cooking on a grill🔥 and having some Louisiana Shrimp🦐 for supper?😋 Make sure you get your shrimp at the best Local Shrimp🦐 around town, David Chauvin’s Seafood.😍 We have a…

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Recipe for National Seafood Month!

    Here is one of our Favorite Quick meals from David Chauvin’s Seafood. Click the link below for this awesome recipe![0]=68.ARBt2U1pKgR1svC-XLlutjbmpjwZPzcbBeUqtqt0TAcHd5VH4zwT00DgV1j2wUXf1WKOBi9ajWpoBnXqKEZEi70rua3tx1Mb_BnTbNVaccT53pqM6L6fGGAlrJhICMpbWU9D3c3rEUqQyH-lnfVKUF7TdBGV0FmXhPj5yDP6wKRYmosFPxp9qr5VXggqX-G2Ct8oIqgtjHYp2Cjp68Dvg-xEHLuOzWl7Q63QmPnNVcatmTdHnE_pv-PDoHzSzPB_co7JhS4tk5BQ73cFiMOQzWPZTdcwsxW0f0r041WJQ-61YUa0L20FBVHO8uuygpA_VA 🎆🎆And always remember to use Domestic Shrimp! 🎆🎆 Need some shrimp🦐? WE GOT IT!👍 From Fresh to Freshly Frozen,…

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Fresh 26/30 count shrimp

The Mr. Williams boat will be in Wednesday morning at 9 am selling 26/30 count shrimp. Bayou side of West 186th street in Galliano, LA.

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  In honor of National Seafood month, here is an amazing recipe for your #MojoDeAjoShrimoMonday! Click the link for a step by step recipe.[0]=68.ARCwBXmVIrfPyjB0Rcip6iDo3Ox24tmJ0h7DZZpiaob2kMsfbA6N5ZjfjhAvY_VBxH7c0R2XEa75MkWzs1I4JLxpfjDPjjaW7btOnlb6vE8i-ORvNEacSaRdlLVwWmU0X6i_RZ614qOZpSVt9FyWNkjcN1MOXNLKdgxhKpkJ9nJpuooRChK3hwFrTuU2guk411GUbECoEAbNd7e8ZW-XK2_gQCwl-9XkFqP14EY4l1o7mRo9YSEV9m1tN2H3Zzfyty4WzW8v8HwiuLI4lkyU4utbpoxmTpzaOQdL9tpFjoQAMH-PBVRjR-NbCfTjteKdBQ And remember to pick up your share of Louisiana shrimp from David Chauvin’s Seafood either Fresh…

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Local, Fresh and always the Best!

    Always Fresh and the Best is what you will receive from David Chauvin’s Seafood. We have an AMAZING variety of these local favorites.  From Jumbo to Bait FRESH shrimp to our FROZEN hand-peeled, hand-peeled and deveined shrimp.  We…

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It’s a Savory Dish Saturday

    It’s that time of the weekend! Time to make a #SavorySaturday recipe! Check out our note section on Facebook for this Savory Fettuccine topped with creamy & rich Cajun shrimp and Andouille alfredo sauce! Come down to Dulac for your…

Luke's Seafood sign.
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Live Louisiana Blue Crabs Daily!

We have live Blue Crabs coming in daily. Soft shell crabs, bait, gas, ice, oil, and cleaning supplies too! 985-563-4300. 8239 Shrimpers Row, Dulac.

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