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Resources to Add Value to Your Catch

Our goal at Louisiana Direct Seafood is not only outreach to consumers; we are focused on helping you, our fishermen and micro-processors, market your catch direct AND add value to raw seafood products.  In this way, you can take your business beyond the boat.

Below is some basic information on the latest trends, best practices, and new equipment in micro-processing—including PowerPoint presentations from the past Beyond The Boat Seafood Processors Conferences, Louisiana Direct fact sheets, and other resources produce a safe and high quality product. 

variety of packaged seafood products on dock

To learn about processing equipment and trainings, visit the LSU Seafood Processing Demonstration Lab Website.

BTB LSU Ag and LASG types


Good Manufacturing Practices

Group of people peeling crawfish in a processing room.

Buanas Prácticas de Manufactura

Person praying detergent foam on a stainless steel table.

Proper Thermometer Calibration

Catfish Product Label Requirements

Best Practices for Brine Freezing Shrimp

Innovations in Seafood Packaging -Opportunities and Limitations

Beyond the Boat -Pescados y Mariscos- Manejo, Procesamiento, y Empaque

Beyond the Boat Conference Recap

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