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Logo for Port of Delcambre.

Check out the ‘Fresh Catch’ messages below and call the fishermen directly for pricing or ordering. Then go buy fresh off the boat or direct from the seller! 

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Delcambre Fishers

Miss Brittany G. shrimp boat on the water.
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Brittany G

Located in Maurice a short drive from Lafayette, Granger’s Seafood. The Brittany G is coming in with beautiful fresh 16/20 count white shrimp. They will be selling today June 14 & 15, Friday and Saturday.  Call Cheryl to reserve your…

live crabs in a basket
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Bridgeside Seafood

Check with Bridgeside Seafood in Delcambre for LIVE CRABS, shrimp and other seafood. Usually open Wednesday through Sunday from 10am to 5pm. Call Tasha at 337-685-5607 for catch and price information. Located on Hwy 14 in Delcambre, one block from…

Great Seafood!

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I grew up buying shrimp from the fisherman in Delcambre! It's still a great experience. Can't beat a fresh catch!

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