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Fresh. Frozen. Flat-out Delicious.

Louisiana Limited Wild Plate Frozen Shrimp was born as demand for authentic, wild-caught domestic seafood grows by leaps and bounds, and must now be labeled as such.

These shrimp taste so fresh and sweet because our fishermen and docks follow strict, best handling practices from the moment shrimp enter the nets.

The Harvesting Process

shrimp boat trawling at dusk

Shrimp stay whole and in excellent condition; nets have bycatch reduction devices, and are in the water for shorter periods of time.

shrimper emptying catch into box on deck

Shrimp never get hot sitting out on the deck; they are cleaned, sorted and chilled in slush ice in less than an hour.

Louisiana Limited plate frozen shrimp on wooden board

Shrimp are chemical free; fishermen must use sulfite-free dips to prevent black spot (harmless, yet ugly, melanosis). Tripolyphosphate (a preservative) is never used.

The Freezing Process

The real magic of capturing that ‘just-caught’ taste happens during plate freezing; which happens both on the boat and at the dock.


Once all shrimp are on board and chilled, they are boxed for immediate freezing in a direct contact plate freezer. This technology rapidly freezes shrimp to preserve freshness and flavor.

The frozen product is then transferred to a holding freezer below deck and held at -30º F until the vessel returns to port.


A similar process is used for shrimp caught on smaller inshore day boats that are not large enough to install freezing equipment.

These premium, frozen-at-dock shrimp are harvested using the same best management practices, held in mesh sacks and stored in slush ice during the trip (usually 10 hours or less), and frozen at the dock’s land-based contact plate freezer.

Where To Find It

Contact these fishermen directly on availability and pricing.  Plate frozen shrimp is typically available in 5, 10, or 20 lb boxes.

Bryan Mobley

Corina Corina Seafood
17947 Hwy. 3235, Galliano
(985) 637-2099

Kim Chauvin of David Chauvin's Seafood

David Chauvin’s Seafood Co.
8238 Grand Caillou Rd, Dulac
(985) 257-1200

Lance Nació of Anna Marie Shrimp

Anna Marie Shrimp
1011 Highway 55, Montegut
(985) 209-2862

Want to Produce Louisiana Limited?

Fishermen interested in producing Louisiana Limited Wild Plate Frozen Shrimp should contact Julie Lively, fisheries specialist with Louisiana Sea Grant, at  Find out more about the specific handling process by watching the video below.

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