Our fishermen, retailers and wholesalers work hard to deliver a superior, sustainable product that meets rigorous standards . . . while preserving our fisheries for generations to come.

Below is a list of all direct to consumer sellers across the coast; use the filters below to search by region and seafood species, or use the ‘View By Map’ button.

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Acy Cooper, Jr.

Alana Ducote

Al's Shrimp Company

Andrew Blanchard

André Doré

Banny Guidry

Granger's Seafood

Big Mike catering Michael A Hanks

Mitchell98 Brandon Mitchell

Bobby Aguillard

Bobby Lovell

Boudreaux's Southern Seafood

Bourg Fresh Seafood

Brad Bertoniere

Brian DeBarge

The American Shrimp Company Thomas Lusco

Corina Corina Seafood LLC

Bryan Andrew Bryan Andrew

Loose Cannon Kline Terrebonne

L&L crabs Paul Herklotz

Cadem Broussard

3C's Seafood

Brown Dog Outfitters ML Wilkerson

RnR Seafood Rondey Andry

Carolyn Russell

Chad Rogers, Sr.

Charlie Landry


Camille Floyd

ScottsSeafood Chastin Scott

D & T Crawfish

Daniel Odom

Martin's Fresh Shrimp

Deanie's Seafood Market

George "David" Arnesen

David Chauvin's Seafood Company LLC

David Martin

Delacroix Direct Seafood Clinton Morales

Unlimited shrimp Michael Broussard

Big D's Seafood

Faith Family Shrimp Co.

Gerica Seafood

Southern Belle Oysters Grand Isle Sea Farms

Grand Isle Sea Farms

Gump Seafood L.L.C.

Harlon's LA Fish LLC Harlon Pearce

May Flower Asian Grocery Htee Soe

Mallett Seafood Irvin Ray Mallett

James Blanchard

James Toureau

Jayson Coats

Jessie Higgins

Jimmie Leger

Jimmie Dupre, Sr.

Joey & Jeannie Fonseca

Judy and Leo Dyson

Warren Delacroix


Kay Brandhurst

K and E LLC

Kevin Lirette

kinler seafood charles kinler/ sherry kinler


Anna Marie Seafood

Lerlene Rodrigue

Lil Macky's Fresh Shrimp

Lalin's Seafood

Charles and Lisa Robin

Big Lucius Seafood, LLC Lucius Perron

Luke's Seafood

Test Name

Michael Arevalo

Michael Roberts

Jessica Gail Seafood, LLC.

Lovell Seafood, LLC.

Monty and Melanie Morgan

Mr Williams Fresh Shrimp

Kenneth Simmons

Murvin Gaspard

Chackbay Lady

Parish Seafood Wholesake Charlie Johnson, Jason Gaspard, Madison McIntyre

Seafood Galore Fleming

Captain Quincy's Seafood

Redfish Nation Seafood Delivery

René Gregoire

Rennie Morales

Roddy Aguillard

Ronald Gaspard

Rosa & Robert Parfait

Sea Gold Foods

Selema Frank

Silver Star Seafood

Shelia Mire

Butch & Edna

T Al Granger

Taylor Chiasson

Ted Melancon

Adams Ted

Terry Luke

Commercial fisherman Kim

The Seafood Shed

C&S Gulf Coast Seafood

Thomas DeBarge Sr.

Tillman's Seafood

Tim McInnis

EJF Seafood Timmy Townsend


Wilson's Oysters

Tracy Kuhns

Bridgeside Seafood

Timothy Schouest



Verdin Seafood

Vermilion Bay Seafood


Warren J. Guidroz, Sr.

Delcambre Direct Seafood

Yankee Canal Seafood