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Meet The Fisherman:  Timmy Luke

Meet The Fisherman: Timmy Luke

Timmy Luke and his wife Trudy are at home on Shrimpers Row. The aptly named road along Bayou Grand Caillou in the coastal Louisiana town of Dulac is home to numerous fishing operations focused on bringing Gulf shrimp to market. But this family is fishing for another seafood favorite; crabs are the specialty of the Lukes.

As a major processor and wholesale business, the Luke family has relationships with dozens of crab fishermen who line the docks daily selling their catch. Keeping a steady supply of product is essential in meeting the demand of retail buyers throughout the nation.

photo of crabs in basket from Luke's Seafood

Blue crabs are the mainstay product for Luke’s Seafood. (Photo credit: Internet archive)

As most fishing businesses diversify their catch, the Luke’s operation also brings in both oysters and crawfish in season. And the dock business supplies bait, gas, and ice to fishing boats that tie up throughout the day. For Timmy and Trudy, it’s a family operation that includes their sons who they hope will one day take over the business.

In addition to live crabs, softshell crabs are a key product offering and are shipped out both to a wholesale market and consumers. The Lukes’ branded and packaged Succulent Saige softshell crabs are flash-frozen and vacuum-packed in a 3-count pack. Just a phone call to Trudy at 985-563-4300 and you’re assured of sourcing top-quality seafood.

Be sure to connect with Timmy Luke and many more coastal Louisiana fishermen by accessing the contact information on the Louisiana Direct Seafood website. It’s a free service, and it’s nice to know that you are helping to support the many fishing families that are the foundation of our Louisiana seafood industry.

Timmy Luke
Luke’s Seafood, LLC
8239 Shrimpers Row
Dulac LA 70353
985-563-4300 or 985-665-4271

This Boat-To-Table series of stories, recipes, and information about our seafood industry is brought to you in support of Louisiana Direct Seafood, a free program of Louisiana Sea Grant and LSU Ag Center.

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