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Meet The Fisherman:  Quincy Verret

Meet The Fisherman: Quincy Verret

For Quincy Verret and his wife Sharon, making a living fishing the coastal Gulf waters surrounding Bayou Dularge in Terrebonne Parish is more than a business; it’s a way of life. The Verret family catch and process only the very best local seafood from their own fishing boats and a small custom processing facility that is licensed, inspected, and insured. As a traditional Cajun and Houma Indian fishing family, the Verrets have been in the seafood business for five generations.

Under the brand Captain Quincy’s Seafood, he specializes in shrimp but also processes a wide selection of seasonal catch of underutilized species including flounder, alligator gar, sheepshead, wild catfish, and frog legs. As a microprocessor, they have worked in tandem with LSU experts to move from a wholesale model to a focus on quality, direct-to-consumer seafood products that are Certified Authentic Louisiana Wild Caught.

two boxes full of vacuum-packed shrimp

Vacuum-packed and shipped anywhere, Quincy Verret has quality Gulf seafood. (Photo credit: Internet archive)

For his packing operation, Quincy converted a shipping container into a processing facility where he sorts, cleans, sizes, vacuum packs, and freezes his catch. The operation turns out several quality products (sheepshead and flounder in season) listed on the Louisiana Direct Seafood SHOP site, including his specialty–Peeled Butterflied Shrimp. These are packed as one pound, 25/30 count shrimp that are hand-peeled, deveined, butterflied, frozen, and vacuumed packed. The butterfly technique is a cut along the back of the shrimp to make them open during cooking. These shrimp are perfect for frying or grilling.

Captain Quincy in his processing facility

Captain Quincy is just a phone call away for the freshest catch. (Photo credit: George Graham)

Give Captain Quincy a call and visit him along Bayou Dularge to buy fresh off the boat. Or go online to the Louisiana Direct Seafood SHOP to have his products shipped directly to you. Either way, your purchase is a win-win: You’re buying the highest quality Gulf seafood, and you are helping to support a hard-working Louisiana fishing family.

Captain Quincy’s Seafood
2529 Bayou Dularge Rd.
Theriot LA 70397
Cell: 985-855-9813

This Boat-To-Table series of stories, recipes, and information about our seafood industry is brought to you in support of Louisiana Direct Seafood, a free program of Louisiana Sea Grant and LSU Ag Center.

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