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Spotlight Feature: Save The Last Catch Fundraiser Aims To Net A New Catholic Church For Acadiana

Spotlight Feature: Save the Last Catch fundraiser aims to net a new Catholic church for Acadiana

It may seem impossible to build a church one eggroll at a time, but that’s what a group of dedicated Vietnamese Catholics in Acadiana hopes to accomplish with their Save the Last Catch fundraiser.

Centered in Abbeville, with members throughout the area, the group asks local fishermen to donate their last catch of the day to their charity. They in turn hold a pot luck social every Sunday to turn the seafood they receive into homemade eggrolls, shrimp packs, and more. These foods then go on sale every first Saturday at the Delcambre Seafood and Farmer’s Market. The proceeds are saved in a special fund that goes toward the development of a new Vietnamese Catholic Church in the area.

According to Thu Bui, LSU AgCenter fisheries agent, “The Catholic Vietnamese community in the Abbeville area uses this project to give back to their community, while saving funds for a new church. So far, sales have tripled in the two years the program has been operating, and they are awaiting approval from the diocese.”

We’ll keep you posted on this exceptional effort!

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