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Fisherman Friday:  Bryan Mobley

Fisherman Friday: Bryan Mobley

From his boat in Galliano, Bryan, and his wife Corina, shrimp the waters of coastal Louisiana for the freshest Gulf shrimp. Under the brand name Corina Corina, the Mobley family runs their processing facility where they sort, peel, vacuum-pack, and freeze the highest quality shrimp for both the wholesale and consumer market. And you can find Bryan’s 1-pound pack of Louisiana shrimp on the Louisiana Direct Seafood SHOP website.

They use an ultra-low, -40ºF, shatter-pack freezer process to lock in the fresh Gulf sweetness at the time of the catch. In this way, the shrimp are at their peak, and when thawed by home cooks, the quality is better than never frozen. Corina Corina has all sizes: Large peeled/deveined shrimp and peeled gumbo/cooking shrimp, as well as 10 lb. and 20 lb. plate-frozen boxed shrimp are on the list of Louisiana wild-caught seafood products.

multiple vacuum-pack packages of Corina Corina shrimp

And Bryan processes more than just shrimp. He also specializes in Louisiana oysters where they package the 1-pound (approx. 2 dozen oysters), vacuum-sealed oysters for the Vermilion Bay Sweet brand sold online at the Louisiana Direct Seafood SHOP website. These are high-quality, fat, juicy oysters that are flash-frozen at their peak of freshness.

Once you’ve thawed out a package of Bryan’s high-quality frozen oysters, you’ll never buy them any other way. This way, you can always have a pack of Louisiana oysters in your freezer; they’re perfect for frying or grilling.

From their storefront along the highway into Galliano, Bryan and Corina sell all of their shrimp products and one and 3-pound packs of oysters. Be sure to connect with Bryan and many more coastal Louisiana fishermen by accessing the contact information on the Louisiana Direct Seafood website. It’s a free service, and it’s nice to know that you are helping to support the many fishing families that are the foundation of our Louisiana seafood industry.

Bryan and Corina Mobley
Corina Corina Seafood, LLC
17947 Hwy 3235
Galliano LA 70354
985-637-2326 or 985-637-2099

This Boat-To-Table series of stories, recipes, and information about our seafood industry is brought to you in support of Louisiana Direct Seafood, a free program of Louisiana Sea Grant and LSU Ag Center.

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