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Meet The Fisherman:  Naomi Porche

Meet The Fisherman: Naomi Porche

Naomi Porche is a Voisin through and through, as she carries on the family’s passion for oysters at Motivatit Seafoods. Based in Houma, LA, the Voisin name has become synonymous with oysters in Louisiana. And Naomi is proud of that heritage established by her grandfather Ernest Voisin almost 50 years ago. The business specializes in Louisiana’s prized oysters serving the restaurant and retail industry with the tastiest bivalves from coastal Gulf waters. Harvesting, processing, and distributing oysters is big business, and the scale of their operation reaches buyers nationwide.

photo of Gold Band oyster up close

Gold Band in-shell oysters are pre-opened for convenience and safety. (Photo credit: Motivatit archive)

In the 1990s, the company became concerned for customers’ safety due to the bacteria Vibrio Vulnificus that is sometimes found in shellfish. The Voisin family searched for a way to remove the bacteria without altering the raw oyster’s characteristics. They discovered a high-pressure processing machine capable of killing bacteria while leaving the oyster’s taste and texture in perfect condition. Not only was the bacteria eliminated, but surprisingly, the abductor muscle was released from the shell, literally shucking itself. And now, the product marked with a Gold Band is the premier product of a full line of fresh and frozen oysters. The company employs a staff of approximately 100 workers that process about 500 sacks of oysters daily. And they sell even more of the excess sacks to other processors, restaurant groups, and wholesale distributors.

Gold Band flash-frozen oyster on half-shell

Gold Band flash-frozen oysters on the half-shell are sorted on trays and boxed for shipping. (Photo credit: George Graham)

Naomi’s company is an innovator in the seafood industry, and they have developed a unique product to serve the growing taste for grilled oysters on the half shell. Gold Band Frozen Half Shell Oysters were created using two state-of-the-art technologies. First, they undergo their High Pressure Process, which shucks the oyster. Next, the oysters are cryogenically frozen. The result is a fully detached, perfectly presented frozen half shell oyster. Not only is this a labor-saving product for restaurants, but it is also now in demand with home cooks for backyard events, hunting camps, and tailgating.

Naomi thinks they have perfected the oyster. And if you’re looking for the perfect oyster, then look no further than Motivatit at

Be sure to connect with Naomi Porche and many more coastal Louisiana fishermen by accessing the contact information on the Louisiana Direct Seafood website. It’s a free service, and it’s nice to know that you are helping to support the many fishing families that are the foundation of our Louisiana seafood industry.

Motivatit Seafoods
412 Palm Avenue
Houma, LA  70364

This Boat-To-Table series of stories, recipes, and information about our seafood industry is brought to you in support of Louisiana Direct Seafood, a free program of Louisiana Sea Grant and LSU Ag Center.


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